Unlicensed Medicines – Important Things You Need To Know

Unlicensed Medicines are known to be manufactured without any market authorisation (MA). In other words, unlicensed medicines are those prescribed products that do not hold an MA and are prepared on an individual basis by ‘special order’ manufacturers (for example liquid preparations), products classed as ‘food supplements’ (such as vitamin D preparations), and medicines that are licensed abroad but which do not hold a UK MA.

How To Save Money When Buying Unlicensed Medicines From Wholesalers?

Do you want to buy unlicensed medicines that work in a different way from that described in license? Do your customers often ask for unlicensed medicines? Doctors often prescribe such medicines for patients that include children and elderly people. One major reason why doctors prescribe unlicensed medicines in UK is that they can be taken by children and elderly patients easily as compared to licensed ones. When doctors and health practitioners feel that unlicensed medicines are safer than the licensed medicines, they prescribe them.